Why I love birding Birding Blog by Keeping it Wild Trainee Frankie

Kestrel credit Amy Lewis

Hi everyone, my name is Frankie and I welcome you to my birding blog, here I’ll talk to you about my time bird watching and show you five of my best bird photos.

I started bird watching in 2015 when I was on holiday in Scotland, I visited Abernethy National Nature Reserve and it was an awesome experience. Unfortunately at the time I didn't have the right equipment to take bird photos, but fast forward three years and I got my birds into full swing, it was brilliant and I improved on and honed my photography skills. This year really stood out as being a fantastic year for photos and I’ll cut right to that now, here are five of my best bird photos from this year (so far): 


Curlew credit Frankie

Curlew at Leigh national nature reserve/ two tree island on the 2nd of February, one of my fondest memories, I felt overjoyed to see this as it’s one of my favourite birds visually and I would’ve been pretty disappointed to not see this bird in winter. Overall, one of my favorite photos I hope you enjoy looking at it

mistle thrush

mistle thrush credit Frankie 

Mistle thrush at Victoria Park on the 26th of April, this one was obvious but so good. I found it strange to see a mistle thrush in Victoria Park because I didn’t know you could get them in such a major park but you can! I had so much fun taking this photo and I hope you enjoy taking this photo in and wondering about it.  

Eurasian jay

Eurasian jay credit Frankie

Eurasian jay at Highgate Woods on the 25th of May, this one was awesome. We heard this jay having a chase with a crow but it landed on a tree to allow me to take this photo, I feel as if this bird wanted me to take the photo since the shot was almost perfect, it was amazing and had a lot of build-up, I still look back at this today, enjoy.  

Sand martin

Sand martin credit Frankie 

A sand martin perched and a swallow in flight at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the 23rd of June, finally we have a special type of photo where I was self-bird watching. I had a lot of fun that day and to think I took this photo out of the blue was just astounding, I didn’t expect the swallow so that was a massive plus since they’re becoming rarer now, I hope you enjoy looking at this photo.  

That concludes my photos, I hope you enjoyed looking through them since I find them really special, they mean a lot to me and my bird watching career, I also go feeding birds too, and there's one video that sums all of that up linked below. That concludes my blog, I thank everyone for reading this and I’ll see you all later, until then ciao!

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