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In the 1950s there were around 30 million hedgehogs in the UK, but today the number is less than one million. In London, these spiky creatures have virtually disappeared from some areas, with only one last breeding population now recorded in central London.

Loss of hedgerows and grasslands are a factor but the rapid increase in developments and roads across London have carved through hedgehog habitats leaving the populations isolated and more vulnerable to local extinction.

Each year tens of thousands of hedgehogs are killed on our roads and even our own gardens are contibuting to their decline with the use of slug pellets (slugs make up a large part of a hedgehog's diet). If our gardens are too neat and tidy we remove valuable hedgehog habitat, and by putting up fencing we stop our spiky friends moving freely - adult hedgehogs can travel between 1-2 km per night, ranging over entire housing estates and neighbourhoods.

We know that creating a landscape with healthy, joined-up wildlife habitats is the essential first step in helping our local hedgehogs recover. But we can't do it alone. You can help us do something now to stop this loveable, secretive creature from vanishing forever.  

Join London Wildlife Trust and you will not only be helping to save London's hedgehogs, you will also be benefitting all the wildlife that the Trust works hard to protect.

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