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Wild Workdays - stand up for wildlife in the city

A wild team building day with us can be part of an ongoing partnership with the Trust, or as a one-off event, but the benefits are most definitely mutual.

London Wildlife Trust’s nature reserves, as well as being valuable habitats and wildlife sanctuaries, are also essential resources for local people and communities. Reserves act as education centres for London school children, sites for volunteers to learn new skills and areas of relaxation for local residents. 

Benefits for you: 

  • Group activities enhance team bonds and boost morale

  • Conservation tasks introduce new skills and improve communication outside the everyday working environment

  • Enjoyment of a rewarding day in an inspirational setting

  • The opportunity to engage and visibly contribute to the local environment 

Benefits for us:

  • London Wildlife Trust receives practical help on our nature reserves from highly motivated groups, completing work we wouldn't otherwise be able to do

  • Organisations and individuals, often without experience of wildlife or conservation, learn about the importance of conserving nature in an urban context

Great day, great cause, fantastic leaders and thoroughly enjoyable! Really good experience to be able to give something back to the community!   

What can I expect? 

Tasks vary according to season, but are always tailored to suit the interests of the volunteers and their skill-sets. Popular activities include: hedge planting, bird and bat box creation, habitat enhancements, tree coppicing, building stag beetle loggeries, pond clearing and meadow restoration.

Once the breeding season starts (early March) we take a step back from heavy conservation interventions, and allow wildlife to use our nature reserves as a sanctuary to breed. During these months we do have restrictions to team sizes and activities undertaken on site in order to comply with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, legislation in place to protect animals, plants and habitats in the UK.

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These charges ensure that our costs for a team leader, support staff and all equipment and materials on the day are covered. Please note, all Wild Workdays require a minimum team size of 8 people per booking.

Full day charge: £55 per person (+VAT) 

Half day charge: £28 per person (+VAT)

Site visit charge: £50 set fee

Current Opportunities

The spring and summer months see London at its most beautiful, busiest and brightest! During this time we take a step back from much of the practical conservation works on site, and allow our nature reserves to act as valuable sanctuaries for breeding wildlife.

If you would like to find out about booking a Wild Workday please email