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Leave a gift in your Will

Woodberry WetlandsWoodberry Wetlands

Do something amazing for London. Leave a gift in your Will.

Wildlife in the UK is declining at an alarming rate. But leaving a gift to London Wildlife Trust in your Will is a great way to make a lasting contribution to wildlife locally. These gifts, no matter how small, help us protect and nurture habitats and places in London, so that local species can thrive for generations to come.

Anyone can leave a gift to London Wildlife Trust when making a Will. It’s one of the easiest and most valuable ways you can support the Trust, ensuring that we can:

  • Protect rare species and nature in the capital
  • Encourage local wildlife to thrive in even the most unlikely places
  • Give thousands of children - and adults - the chance to experience real wildlife and nature in their neighbourhood

Making a will is vital if you care about the future of your loved ones, and as your circumstances change over the years so should your will.

When you change your will, and once you've remembered those you love, why not think of London's wildlife by leaving a gift. Legacies, whether big or small, help to ensure that our vital work continues so that future generations can enjoy the natural heritage of our beautiful city.

Types of gift 

There are three main types of gift that you can leave in your will:

  • A share of your estate
    You may choose to leave whatever is left over once all your other legacies have been made and all costs met. You may wish to specify fractions or percentages of your estate or the residue (balance left) after other gifts and commitments have been made.
  • A sum of money
    This is when you choose to leave a specific sum of money to a person, organisation or charity. Please remember that inflation may impact on the value of this legacy.
  • A specific gift
    When you wish to leave a specific item such as a painting, books, jewellery, an area of land, stocks and shares, or property.

Information you will need 

In order to leave a gift in your will to London Wildlife Trust you will need:

  1. Charity name: London Wildlife Trust 
  2. Registered charity number: 283895
  3. Address: Part first floor, Dean Bradly House, 52 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2AF

Legacies have already helped us:

Provide protection for endangered species

Manage our nature reserves and green spaces

Educate and inspire children