2020VISION is the most ambitious photography-based conservation initiative ever staged in Britain. It's about communicating a vision for a wilder Britain - not only for wildlife, but for us too.

London Wildlife Trust is working with the John Muir Trust to coordinate the Young Champions project for the London iWitness Assignment: Biodiver-city - the Greater Thames Futurescape.
2020VISION is spearheaded by the Wild Media Foundation, a social enterprise company working to bring nature's stories to life through the use of intelligent visual media.
Bertie Gregory has been recruited as a the London Wildlife Trust 2020VISION Young Champion. You can see examples of his photography on his website
His brief is to gather images of urban wildlife - especially in spaces with iconic London buildings or vistas in the background, including the following: 
  • a fox set that's used daily, preferably in an urban setting (eg a back garden or a park) and with cubs (in the spring);
  • Peregrine falcons and their nests;
  • Wildlife in unlikely situations;
  • People/animal interactions. 
If you know of any sites in London where the above may be seen, please contact Bertie - bertiegregory@live.co.uk.