Budding Together

Budding TogetherBudding Together

Budding Together was a project for people experiencing mental health problems; a unique chance for them to get up close to nature.

This project started at Camley Street Natural Park in 2006. Originally funded in the first two years by Capital Volunteering, a pan-England volunteering organisation, it was latterly funded through Camden NHS Primary Care Trust.

The project was hugely successful, with many volunteers saying they've felt their sense of well-being increase after spending time in this green oasis.

People from all walks of life came together in a supportive atmosphere and got involved with practical conservation at Camley Street Natural Park and other local nature reserves.

We offered the chance to be in a naturally therapeutic environment, to learn new skills, make new friends, to help the local environment and yourself.

On the project, participants learned more about our local wildlife, as well as doing more hands-on things like making habitat boxes for birds, bats and bugs.

We enjoyed regular healthy walks in Hampstead, where we got some fresh air and the chance to do a bit of bird-watching. We also enjoyed the scent of fragrant wildflowers, and spotting our growing range of butterflies in summer.