Wilder Future

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It’s not too late to bring our wildlife back but we must act now

We have re-imagined Wind in the Willows in 2019, shedding light on some of the problems our wildlife faces every day. We’ve reached a point where our natural world is in critical condition and needs our help to put it into recovery.

Watch Badger, Ratty, Mole and Toad as they begin their search for a wilder future...


You can support our campaign for a wilder future by becoming a member of London Wildlife Trust. Our members make it possible for us to stand up for wildlife today, tomorrow, and for future generations.

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More about the Wilder Future Campaign

The Wilder Future campaign is about building support for new laws that not only protect wildlife but help to put it into recovery.  It is also about people taking individual action where they live.  We want to put wildlife back on the map.

We launched The Wind in the Willows film trailer on 28th March 2019 to inspire more people to get involved and build momentum towards a #WilderFuture. The Wildlife Trusts want to create a tipping point of 1 in 4 people taking part.

The campaign is calling for Nature Recovery Networks to protect existing wildlife sites and map out where wildlife ought to be.  This will join-up important places for wildlife and also allow more people to live closer to nature.

Nature Recovery Network maps must be required by law and the campaign is calling for:

  • The Westminster Government to put this in its upcoming Environment Bill;  
  • The Welsh Government to do this through a Sustainable Land Management Bill; and
  • The Scottish Government to pass its own Environment Bill including a National Ecological Network.