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Keeping it Wild

Nature for mental health and wellbeing

Interacting with nature can be hugely beneficial for our mental health. On this page, you'll find a range of activities, stories and exercises to help you harness the power of the outdoors to improve your wellbeing. 

We hope you'll find something here that suits you and gives you that boost to get outside. Even during the difficult times of this pandemic, nature can be our solace.


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Featuring Andrew, Mitchell, Eva, Jamie and Isabella from the Keeping it Wild Young People's Forum. 

Shinrin Yoku illustrations

Credit Ella Cox

Forest Bathing

Ever wondered what it means, how you do it and what the benefits are to you? Watch our animation to find out...

Animation created by Andrew Dixon, a member of the Keeping it Wild Young People's Forum

Social Action Project illustration

Illustration by Rumbidzai Marilyn Savanhu

Wild Youth Hub Calendar: Nurture Yourself with Nature

Take a look at our illustrated calendar featuring a new seasonal activity to try each month, nature activity prompts and a gratitude journal.

Wild Youth Hub Calendar Key

Check out the calendar...

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Walthamstow Wetlands Coppermill stream view

Walthamstow Wetlands Coppermill stream view credit Ian Phillips

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