Protect London's chalk grassland for rare species

Rare species are hanging by a thread

You can help secure their future by protecting chalk grassland

London Wildlife Trust - Sunitha Amos

How could your donation help our precious chalk habitat?

a pair of loppers

£15 could pay for a pair of loppers

to remove branches and help wildflowers to thrive
Two sheep in field

£30 could pay for two weeks' grazing

from a flock of heritage breed sheep
Common blue butterfly on the side of a plant

£80 could help monitor key species

which show us the ongoing health of the habitat

Your support has begun the story of saving vital chalk grassland for biodiversity. Be a part of its next chapter.

Wherever there’s chalk grassland, you can usually find healthy, thriving populations of butterflies and other vital pollinators. Yet since the Second World War, we’ve lost more than 80% of this precious habitat, due to changes in land-use and devaluing of this extraordinary landscape. London’s chalk grassland is desperately in decline, so it urgently needs our help.

We’ve been able to restore precious chalk grassland habitat for rare and diverse species. But if we don’t now maintain the landscape, it will revert to its former poor state, lost for the species that depend on it. Your gift today can restore, protect and maintain London’s vital chalk grassland.

You may already know Hutchinson’s Bank in the Croydon borough. This important chalk grassland site originally passed into the Trust’s management in 1982. In 1995, we introduced grazing animals to create short turf alongside the coarser grasses and scrub. More recently in 2019, thanks to you, we’ve been able to accelerate the restoration of Hutchinson’s Bank and other reserves like Saltbox Hill SSSI and West Kent Golf Course , rewarding the sites with the healthy populations of butterflies and other important species you’ll find there today such as orchids. Now we need your help to protect them.

Without our ongoing care, habitats of this unique quality quickly decline again and turn back to scrub. That would mean a real danger for rare species like small blue or dark green fritillary butterflies, among many others. In a climate emergency, we are more dependent than ever on pollinators like these to sustain our entire ecosystem.

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