Earn Your Travel Back

Earn Your Travel BackEarn Your Travel Back

Earn Your Travel Back was a scheme that gave young Londoners who had lost their right to free travel the chance to earn their Oyster cards back by volunteering for London Wildlife Trust.

The current phase of the Earn Your Travel Scheme has now come to an end.

Young Londoners have the privilege of free travel - but Transport for London withdraws it from those who do not demonstrate due respect for the privilege.

Earn Your Travel Back was an optional scheme and provided those Londoners with a chance to both regain their valuable Oyster cards and do something practical and positive for their city.

London Wildlife Trust, along with volunteering organisations 'v' and BTCV, provided participants who opted to take part in the Earn Your Travel Back scheme with tasks that helped to protect and improve the capital's green spaces for everyone.

Every month, around 100 young people successfully completed an environmental volunteering session and earned back their right to concessionary travel.

The Earn Your Travel Back scheme was launched in August 2009 by the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

Over the three years of the project, over 3,900 young people successfully earned their travel back through the scheme.