Green Infrastructure solutions

Extensive green roofExtensive green roof

Green infrastructure is the network of green spaces, rivers and woodlands that intersperse our city connecting 'ecosystems' that contribute to the well being of people and wildlife.

It works at all scales, from country parks and community woodlands to interventions on hardstanding areas such as roofs, walls and pavements.
As with any other type of infrastructure, to be most effective green infrastructure needs to be part of a shared vision that is planned, designed and managed. When it is, it creates multifunctional landscapes capable of delivering social, economic and environmental benefits simultaneously.
London Wildlife Trust is heavily involved in advising on urban green infrastructure to maximise existing natural assets and increasing networks of green space to benefit wildlife and people. We want to help partners develop green space solutions to address the impacts of climate change.
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage systems (SUDS)
  • Rain gardens
  • Flood alleviation strategies
  • Biodiverse roofs
  • Green space restoration
  • Natural play and community spaces
We want to work with partners who are genuinely interested in delivering biodiversity improvements through truly urban-appropriate interventions.

Kings Cross Green Roof Strategy

King’s Cross has undergone dramatic changes in the last 20 years. Over the next six years many more developments will take shape as part of the King’s Cross development which is due to complete in 2020. This will see a variety of new residential, office, commercial and leisure facilities provided but will also introduce new parks and other areas of greenspace.
One significant change will be the construction of 33 buildings with green roofs and planted terraces. These coupled with green walls, bird and bat boxes as well as the inclusion of additional ground level greenspaces and planting features could significantly encourage new wildlife to the area as well as benefitting the existing biodiversity of the environs.
Argent, the developers, wanted a strategic approach to the installation of the roofs so commissioned us to produce an all encompassing strategy.
The objective of the strategy was to map a series of varying styles of green roofs to improve the connectivity for a range of wildlife across the site. By implementing a site-wide strategic plan, there is an opportunity to deliver a Living Landscape that will enhance the biodiversity value of the entire King’s Cross Central Development area.
When the strategy is fully implemented, the development area could become the King’s Cross Living Landscape where urban wildlife can thrive and people can enjoy and engage with that wildlife in perpetuity.