Heathrow expansion: New plans demand new response

Heathrow expansion: New plans demand new response

Heathrow Airports Limited

Heathrow Airport has announced a new consultation, relating to the proposed multi-billion pound expansion of the airport

New plans are on the table, proposing a shorter third runway, and the routing of the M25 and important rivers under the new runway. 

Heathrow recognise that there will be impacts on water courses and the broader natural environment. Proposed eastward development from Terminal 2 could now approach Huckerby’s Meadows, a London Wildlife Trust nature reserve, opened in August 2017.

In July 2015, we warned that the proposed Heathrow expansion threatens wildlife sites.

In October 2016, we described how Heathrow expansion threatens our health, our wellbeing and our wildlife.

London Wildlife Trust's Director of Conservation Mathew Frith explained: “Progress is not measured in air miles or the efficiency of flights management. It is measured in public health and wellbeing, in cleaner air and water, and action to protect and promote the quality of our natural environment. 

"If the Government’s recently launched 25-year Environment Plan had any bite, the very thought of expanding airports to accommodate more flights would be a non-starter.”

London Wildlife Trust – and The Wildlife Trusts collectively - have made clear in our responses to public consultations that increasing capacity at airports is environmentally unsustainable. A new runway at Heathrow Airport will be bad for London and bad for Britain.

Take action

At London Wildlife Trust, we will be responding to this latest consultation, and we would encourage anyone who has concerns about this expansion to respond as well. You can respond online and at various upcoming events. The consultation closes on 28th March 2018.