London's Urban Forest Plan is published

London's Urban Forest Plan is published

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The London Urban Forest Plan sets out the goals and priority actions for protect, managing and expanding London's urban forest.
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Published this week to coincide with National Tree Week, the London Urban Forest Plan has been developed by a network of partnered organisations, including London Wildlife Trust, that are collaborating to protect, manage and enhance the capital's trees and woodlands.

The plan sets out the goals and priority actions needed to protect, manage and expand the capital’s urban forest. The network of partnered organisations will coordinate delivery of the plan, collaborating with others responsible for the stewardship of London’s urban forest and the wider urban forest community.

With London's growing population comes an increasing need to plant trees and improve the city's green spaces. The London Mayor aims to increase tree canopy cover in London by 10 per cent of current levels by 2050, to 23 per cent. 

Our work has not only been in contributing significantly to the development of the plan, but includes restoration and engagement projects across the city.

Referenced in the document you will find our Great North Wood Living Landscapes project and the successful objection, alongside the local community, to plans to redevelop valuable ancient woodland sites on the Hillcrest Estate in Sydenham.

Download the London Urban Forest Plan

Find out more about the London Urban Forest Partnership on the Greater London Authority's website.