Send in your London wildlife sightings

Credit Susanna BirdCredit Susanna Bird

We encourage anyone who spots wildlife in London to record it – helping us and other conservation groups to know which species live where

London Wildlife Trust monitors wildlife at its nature reserves and at other sites to ensure we meet our conservation objectives, and assess the trends of species and habitats.

But the Trust also needs people's help recording sightings, to assist us in understanding London's wildlife and the measures we and others need to put in place to protect and conserve habitats in the future.

These needn't be rare species; the status and distribution of widespread and familiar wild animals and plants can also be very important to help us track trends.

Please submit your wildlife sightings to Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL).

This is the capital's official environmental records centre; collating, managing and making available detailed information on London's wildlife, nature reserves, woodlands, parks, gardens and other green spaces.

For specific species that London Wildlife Trust is keen on monitoring, individual record forms have been created by GiGL. Details about each of these are below.

Dragonfly Detectives

Blue banded demoiselle damselfly © Iain Leach

As part of the Trust's Water for Wildlife project we are asking Londoners to become 'Dragonfly Detectives' and help us map dragonflies and damselflies across the capital.

If you see a dragonfly or damselfly please record it on the Dragonfly Detectives database.


Staggering Gains

Stag beetle

We are calling on Londoners to report any sightings of stag beetles in order to help improve conservation measures for this fascinating globally endangered creature. Despite stag beetles being in steep decline across Europe, London remains a hotspot.

Please submit your stag beetle sightings using the Staggering Gains form.


Kestrel Count


Kestrels nationally have undergone an overall decline over the long term. But what's happening in London? We need Londoners to get kestrel counting and tell us where they've seen these magnificent birds of prey in order to help establish the numbers and whereabouts of city's current population.

Please record your kestrel sighting using the Kestrel Count form.


London Deer Survey

Deer in Richmond Park

London Wildlife Trust needs you to help us record sightings of deer in London so we can understand their distribution and help determine likely population trends. This will help create future management strategies.

Please submit your deer sighting using the London Deer Survey


Owl Prowl


Many people are unaware that owls can be found in the capital - usually in tranquil wooded areas or by open grasslands with hedgerows. The Trust is calling on Londoners to let us know if they hear or see any owls, to raise awareness of the city's owl populations and their conservation requirements.

Please record your owl sighting using the Owl Prowl form.