Frays Farm Meadows is one of our most valuable nature reserves and yet an access road for the proposed HS2 rail link between London and Birmingham is set to cut across the reserve.

Note: This consultation closed on 23rd December 2015. 

Frays Farm Meadows supports what is probably the largest remaining sedge fen in London; a rare wet grazing meadow that is home to species such as water vole, snipe and slow-worm

Frays Farm Meadows in Hillingdon is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), one of only 37 in the entire Greater London region. 

We have petitioned the Government in defence of Frays Farm Meadows, and hope that our supporters will also respond to the consultation. 

Frays Farm Meadows supports what is probably the largest remaining sedge fen in London; a rare wet grazing meadow that is home to species such as water vole (a protected species), snipe and slow-worm. The proposed haulage road would slice across the northern boundary of the site, destroying habitat and threatening the entire sedge-beds for which the meadows are designated.

Significant levels of pollution will result from the road. It is feared that pollutants will be soaked up by the wet, sponge-like conditions of the meadows, potentially harming the sedge-beds entirely and irrecoverably.

To the north-east of Frays Farm Meadows a large stockpile of topsoil is proposed at Harvil Road. This could cause indirect but adverse eutrophication as nutrients from the stockpile leach into the watercourses of Frays Farm Meadows (a build-up of nutrients could destroy the meadow ecosystem).

Water vole. This protected species thrives at Frays Farm Meadows. Image credit: Elliott Neep

Although temporary, HS2 say the haulage road would be required for up to nine years (including construction and eventual removal). Aside from pollution, destruction of habitat and severe disturbance to wildlife, the access road will also cause serious disruption to London Wildlife Trust’s care of this site.

Over the last sixteen years the Trust and volunteers have significantly enhanced the site's wildlife value, all of this is now at risk of being lost.

Help us save Frays Farm Meadows

HS2 consultation form for Frays Farm MeadowsTo respond to the consultation you can email directly or write to Freepost HS2 AP4 Consultation.

You can also go to the consultation website and complete a Consultation Response Form

Guidance on completing the Consultation Response Form

  • On page two give your name and contact information. You will be responding on your own behalf, not on behalf of London Wildlife Trust (we have already responded).
  • On page three – if you want your response to be confidential, write your reasons here.
  • It is okay to leave page five (questions 1 and 2) blank if you wish.
  • On page six (question 3) place a tick in the box next to CFA 7 Colne Valley. In comment box write “AP4 impact on Frays Farm Meadows” and add your comments. See suggested comments below. .
  • You may leave pages seven and eight blank if you wish.

After completing the form, email it to or post to Freepost HS2 AP4 Consultation

If emailing, you may wish to send us a copy at

Suggested wording for responding to the HS2 consultation

I strongly object to the loss of important and NATIONALLY PROTECTED habitat at Frays Farm Meadows; habitat that has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Construction of an access road is likely to destroy what is probably the largest remaining sedge fen in London, a rare wet grazing meadow that is home to water vole (a protected species) and many other wildlife species.

Construction of the road and subsequent traffic, noise and lighting will cause significant disturbance to wildlife, as well as creating a barrier to species movement. 

The increase in nutrient input from the access road and from stockpiled soil at Harvil Road into the low nutrient habitat of Frays Farm Meadows SSSI is very likely to result in adverse eutrophication (a build-up of nutrients) that could destroy the sedge-beds and meadow ecosystem entirely and irrecoverably.

The road will sever access to Frays Farm Meadows SSSI for management purposes, severely setting back sixteen years of enhancement work by London Wildlife Trust and volunteers.

In order to prevent severe disturbance to wildlife, destruction of this important habitat and serious disruption to the ecological management of this site, alternative routes should be considered that do not impact upon Frays Farm Meadows SSSI.

Thank you for helping us to defend the nature and wildlife of Frays Farm Meadows

Frays Farm Meadows threatened by HS2

Water vole image © Elliott Neep other images © London Wildlife Trust

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