In April 2013, we asked Londoners to help frogs by fundraising for us (this campaign is now over).

Frogs and other amphibians are struggling in London, because much of their habitat is being lost.
Many of our reserves act as sanctuaries and breeding grounds for frogs, as well as newts and toads.
We manage over 40 nature reserves - and around half of them include ponds and other wetland habitats that are suitable for amphibian life.
For example, in December 2012, work began on the restoration of a silted-up pond at our Bramley Bank Nature Reserve.
The much-needed restoration will give the pond a new lease of life, and boost its potential as a habitat for great crested newts and other important aquatic plant and animal species.

Fundraise for frogs!

Your froggy fundraising activities will help us continue to provide amphibians with safe places to live and breed!
Our 'Love London's Frogs' campaign launches on 24th March and runs until 24th April.
During that time, we’ll be running frog-friendly events at several of our reserves - and we'd love it if you could run some fundraising events of your own, too!
For example, you could…
1. Hold a froggy facepainting competition (one for parents)
Charge £2 to enter, and then email us photos of the participants! The best-painted face will win a Wildlife activity pack.
2. Hold a sponsored leapfrog (one for kids)
Get together with a friend and decide what your leapfrog challenge will be. Perhaps adults could sponsor you to do 100 leapfrogs, or even more!
3. Hold a froggy picnic (one for everyone!)
Organise a picnic at a local green space, and charge friends and family £1 to come along.
Remember to include some froggy food - like frog-shaped biscuits or some delicious frog-coloured savouries like pasta pesto or cucumber sandwiches!
From 24th March, you’ll also be able to keep up to date with all amphibian goings-on via a 'Frog Blog' on our website. We'll be showcasing your frog photos, reporting sightings and updating frog-lovers about activity on our reserves.
Or if you'd prefer to donate to us directly, you can do so right here.

Learn more about London's amphibians

Find out more about three of London's fantastic amphibian species - common frog, common toad and great crested newt - with this species guide.

Send in your sightings

Finally, we would love to hear about your frog, newt and toad sightings!
At the moment, there's just not enough data about amphibian distribution in London; and without this kind of information, we're unable to deliver local conservation targets for the species.
So, if you've seen any amphibians within Greater London, please tell us what and where, using this wildlife sightings form.
This will help inform decisions affecting amphibians in London, and ultimately the conservation of species and habitats in the capital.
And if you take any photos of frogs near you, do email them in to us -
Alternatively, post them on our Facebook page or stick them in a tweet to us @wildlondon. Then we'll make sure we post the best ones on our Frog Blog.