Park Road Pond

Park Road Ponds

Park Road Ponds credit Mathew Frith

Park Road Pond

An important site for amphibians in Uxbridge.


Park Road, Uxbridge
A static map of Park Road Pond

Know before you go

1 hectare


How to get to Park Road Pond Follow directions for Uxbridge College. The U1 and U2 buses stop nearby.   Status of Park Road Pond Site of Borough Grade 1 Importance for Nature Conservation    


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When to visit

Opening times

Open at all times

Best time to visit

April to July

About the reserve

Park Road Pond is a large pond surrounded by crack, goat and grey willows and a few young oaks and alder. Nearby is Uxbridge College Pond; located within the grounds of Uxbridge College.

The ponds are managed for their populations of amphibians, including important populations of great crested newts. 


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