Wildlife crime and rescue - who to contact

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London Wildlife Trust is unable to deal with incidents of wildlife crime and wildlife rescue

Unfortunately the Trust does not have the resources to take in injured animals or offer anything other than general advice about animal care and welfare. Any incidents of crime should always be directed to the Metropolitan Police.

On this page you can find more information about which people and organisations should be contacted instead.

Wildlife Crime

In Britain the responsibility for enforcement of the laws protecting our wildlife rests with the police. In London the division of the Metropolitan Police responsible for the enforcement of wildlife laws and the implementation of initiatives to prevent wildlife crime is the Wildlife Crime Unit. The small team consists of specialist police and police staff who have been appointed for their expertise and experience in wildlife matters.

The London area is home to a wide range of wild species, many of which are protected in law. Wildlife crime includes damage to habitat, poaching, trapping, shooting, hare coursing, badger persecution, theft of wild plants, bat roost destruction, poisoning, and the illegal trade in endangered species in medicine and taxidermy.

Incidents of wildlife crime can be reported to the Wildlife Crime Unit on 020 7230 8898 or at wildlife@met.police.uk

You can also report crime anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Wildlife Rescue

At London Wildlife Trust we are not able to deal with wildlife rescue issues. We don't have any hospital facilities, and are unable to help any wildlife brought to us. If you find an ill or injured wild animal in London, we recommend visiting the Help Wildlife website.

If the injured animal needs urgent treatment, the following charities in and around London may be able to help: