Crane Meadows - a new green space in west London

Monday 27th January 2014

Crane Meadows

Crane Meadows lies in Cranford, nestled between the western bank of the River Crane and the eastern perimeter of Heathrow Airport.

The Meadows are an important wildlife site with a diverse mosaic of grassland, woodland, meadow and wetland habitats, providing homes for a wide range of wild animals and plants in a unique setting. It is believed to have formerly been part of the market gardens that dominated the neighbourhood before the nearby Heathrow Airport was developed. Old fruit trees are still present on the site today and can be seen amongst dense carpets of daffodils during spring time.

The Huckerby’s Legacy

Part of the site was occupied by long-term tenant farmers, the Huckerbys, who used the pastures to graze livestock. At the time the site was owned by British Airports Authority and London Boroughs of Hillingdon and Hounslow, but it passed into the ownership of London Wildlife Trust in 2010, following boundary changes. Works have already started to improve the site for its wildlife. However, London Wildlife Trust plans for the Meadows to become a public nature reserve where we can offer the local and wider community volunteering opportunities, organised activities, outdoor education sessions for children and adults and an exciting new open space to enjoy.

Have your say

Before we make full plans for the Meadows’ future use and decide where it will be accessible from, we want local people to have their say in the future of this special green space. We will be carrying out a community consultation exercise between January until the end of March 2014, in order to promote the site and ensure that it can help meet the needs of local people.
Please take this short survey and help us shape the future of this beautiful site. 
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Our Conservation Officer for the Crane Valley will be organising a number of public events, tours of Crane Meadows and a survey of local residents and businesses in order to help you shape the future of the site. Keep an eye on this page for updates explaining when these events will be occurring.

Get in touch 

• Residents
• Education centres
• Religious centres
• Local community groups and societies
• Businesses
• Local authority representatives and councillors
• Wildlife Trust members and volunteers

Why not contact our Conservation Officer for the Crane Valley, Tom White? He would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved with this consultation exercise or hear more about Crane Meadows Nature Reserve.
Phone: 07971 077 095

Map of Crane Meadows