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Park Road Pond

An important site for amphibians in west London

Park Road Pond is a large pond surrounded by crack, goat and grey willows and a few young oaks and alder.

Nearby is Uxbridge College Pond; located within the grounds of Uxbridge College.

The ponds are managed for their populations of amphibians, including important populations of great crested newts.


Species to spot at Park Road Pond

Amphibians: Great crested newtcommon frog, common toad

Invertebrates: Pond snails, ramshorn snails, pond skaters, whirligig beetle

Plants: Yellow flag, water mint, gypsywort, water-plantain, soft rush, crack willow, common bladderwort, alder, goat rush


How to get to Park Road Pond

Follow directions for Uxbridge College. The U1 and U2 buses stop nearby.


Status of Park Road Pond

Site of Borough Grade 1 Importance for Nature Conservation



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Park Road, Uxbridge
Greater London
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