Totteridge Meadows

There is a wide swathe of open country in north Barnet along the Totteridge Ridge, between Whetstone, New Barnet, Arkley, Mill Hill, and Edgware, forming part of the Dollis Valley.

It supports the largest remaining swathe of clay hay meadows that once helped to feed London's horse traffic until the 1920s, containing relict neutral grassland, hedgerows, feature trees, and skirted by the Dollis Brook to the south and the pastures of Arkley and Rowley Green to the north.
The character of this landscape is one of open country, with gently rolling valley sides criss-crossed with hedges and ditches.
Much of the land falls within Green Belt, and identified as a Countryside Conservation Area in 1985 ("One of the finest areas of traditional countryside in London.").