Find a nature reserve

We manage more than forty nature reserves across the capital, that cover a range of habitat types, including woodland, grassland and wetlands.

Our work on these aims to meet Biodiversity Action Plan objectives as well as making them safe and enjoyable places to visit.

Although we own a few reserves of our own, the majority are those that we manage on behalf of local authorities and utility companies under lease or licence. Information on these can be found below.

In addition, our volunteers and projects work on many other green spaces, such as nature reserves, community gardens and housing estates, in liaison with a range of partners, including social landlords, local authorities, community groups, and other conservation bodies.

The work and our activities on our nature reserves is regularly reviewed to ensure it meets best practice. Whilst we don't have the resources to actively purchase land for nature conservation, we are always keen to explore opportunities to further broaden our portfolio of nature reserves, especially if this can be carried out in partnership.

Use the map below to find a London Wildlife Trust nature reserve near you.