Help save London’s water voles this Christmas - Web Appeal

Help save London’s water voles this Christmas

Water voles are in danger of becoming extinct. Your support today can help save the London population.

How could your donation help our water voles?

River scene

£20 could help pay for tools such as rakes and saws

to maintain open habitat for voles
Water Vole (Arvicola amphibius) in a burrow in the side of a canal bank

£40 could help pay for kit such as chest waders

so we can clear out ditches where machines can't
Shire Horses Ploughing

£60 could help us bring in heavy horses

to restore ditch networks without damaging vole burrows

Once upon a time, in the early 1900s, there were 8 million water voles in Britain. Now there are only about 100,000 left of this still-iconic British species.

It’s desperately sad and shocking that since the 1970s, water vole numbers have declined by as much as 95% across much of Britain. Loss of habitat and predation by the American mink are their biggest threats today. But there is something we can do.

This Christmas brings a real opportunity to help save them from dying out and increase their population in two key London Wildlife Trust reserves.

Crane Park Island in the Borough of Richmond currently has a small population of water voles, but they are in drastic need of help. In 2018, predation by American mink wiped out many of the island’s neighbouring populations. The population that survived is so small that, even with a lower threat of mink, it can’t expand back into the surrounding area. Only by reintroducing water voles can we hope to expand the existing population – and a larger population with a mixed gene pool will be far stronger and therefore more resilient.

At Frays Farm Meadows, we plan to open up old ditchlines so that the population there can reconnect with another population in the nearby Uxbridge Business Park, so they can grow into a larger and more viable population.

We need your help now so we can finish preparing the habitat at these reserves this winter, ready for water voles to return and breed.

You can help build a better future for water voles. Please give your winter gift today.

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Water vole in burrow near river eating vegetation

Credit 2013 Ian Schofield/Shutterstock

All donations to this appeal are unrestricted. Any donations above the amount required for water vole work will be used where they are needed most to protect London’s wildlife.

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